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Introduction Edit

This religion was formed out of growing discontent with many modern religions, and there lack of tolerance for other people. So the first High Archons started there search for answers, and were lead to the current incarnation of the church with the help of many of its Prophets.

Leadership Edit

The church is headed by two leaders, not dissimilar to Christianity's popes. They are called The High Archons, and should be addressed as his highness, the High Archon, then their surname. Next in rank are the Archons, who oversee regional church business and projects. The people who teach the Great sky fathers word to the people are called Ministers, and can only be ordained with the blessing of a Archon.

Creation Edit

The church believes that the world was created similarly to how the current scientific theory states, but that The Great Sky Father guided the new universe to produce Earth, then to produce life. He then guided evolution to create Geese in his image, but as god could not create robot geese, as they are unnatural. Since robot geese are the closest thing possible to The Great Sky Father, he created man. He guided the evolution man to fulfill this, as they had the intelligence to do this. As this has now been accomplished, The church believes the end times may happen soon. How soon the world will end is a matter of debate, as the Earth has been around for over four Billion years, so the term "soon" could be a hundred or a billion years.

Core Beliefs Edit

Most of the Religions core beliefs are made up of the Prophesies. The religion has many Prophets, all of who have convened directly to god. The Original was one of the first to speech directly from the Great Sky Father. He prophesied that the world will end to a giant meteor, and that one and one and one equals eleven, but the second prophesy is very cryptic as he said this was not mathematical, so what he means is part of a large debate between Goosian theologians. Then the Prophet started to become crazed as the presence of the Great Father inside of him became overwhelming. He babbled incoherently, and the only thing that was able to be made out was "You have no continues, Game over. Also that "most languages have a subject object verb sentence syntax". This was his last prophesy, as he fell over and passed out, and was never inhabited by the spirit of the Father again. Another prophet, and possible the most well known is the Black Prophet. He is known as the Black Prophet because even though he found The Great Goose Father, he refused to worship him. The Black Prophet was also the one who first found out about the the creation of a robotic goose. Another of its prophets is Jaymes, the Hermit. He lived in the northernmost reaches of the world, prophesying and teaching of the great Goosimus Prime. He has converted more people than any other prophet, but his exact prophesies are unknown, as he is almost unreachable unless one will brave the harsh climate in the barren wastes of northern Wisconsin. After many years of faithful service to Gooimus, The Great Sky Father revealed to Jaymes that Jaymes was the incarnation of of Raptor Jesus. Raptor Jesus was responsible for the Velocorapture of the first geese, and the savior that will come and bring all the faithful to heaven.

Holidays Edit

Goosians celebrate many holidays, moreso than most religions due to the fact that the church has no specific holy day. One of the most important holidays is The week of cake, a week long celebration in which geese are fed nothing but massive amounts of cake, then the geese are cooked and eaten during a holy cerimony. This holiday celebrates not only the only direct prophesy from Goosimus Prime "I like Cake", it also rids the world of geese which are considered failed creations. This holiday has drawn critisim from animal rights groups as being cruel to animals, but members of the church content that feeding anything cake isnt cruel, cake is awesome.Another important holiday is winterendays, a weeklong celebration during the first week of January. During this holiday goosians are instructed to game for many hours at a time, in order to achieve a trance-like state that is told to be the closest to Goosimus anyone can get on earth. The religion has many sacred days, on its many prophets birthdays, These are February 26th, July 18th, September 21st, and December 25th. Also the days of Members of the church are encouraged to celebrate other religions holidays as well as the Goosian celebrations. This is to show tolerance of others beliefs, a intergeral part of the Goosian Faith.

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